Ahad, 19 Disember 2010

~2rD aNny~

ArInI 19,12.2010..
It mEaNs tOdAy'S OuR 2rD AnNY...
I FeEl rEaLy ThAnKfUl tO ALLAH..
AlWaYz GiVe mE tHe bEsT In mY LIfE...

I nEvEr fEeL rEgRet tO HaViNg U..
By mY SiDe SaYaNg...
U KnOw hOw tO ChEeR Me uP
When i sobbiNG...
U kNoW HoW To MaKe mE HePi
U nEvEr lEt mE DoWn aNd...
U nEvEr FeLt ChEEsEd Off iNsTeAd
TrYiNg tO BoOsT Up oUr..
SpArKe oF LoVe...

HoW CoMe,i cAn fOrGEt U..
NeVeR N FoReVeR i aLwAyZ LoVe U..
         MOHD RAFIUDDIN...;)

HUhUhUhU..AyAt x bLeH BlAh...TeRjIWaNg KaRaT lAk MaLaM2 bUtO nI..